Golden Jade Electronics Limited

Our Mission

Our Company Achievement

Our company mission is to provide the highest quality products as we can & electronics ideas to our customers, in order to meet customer satisfaction on the products. As the times go by, we equip with updated facilities, to ensure quality control in every process, from raw materials to final products and regular products testing before our final products to our customers.


Support Community Trade
  Our commitment to fair trade.

Support RoHS compliance
  Our commitment to producing capacitors without non-RoHS raw materials.

Protect the Universe
  Our commitment to protecting the environment.

Achieve total customer satisfaction
  Our commitment to maintaining long term relationship, two-way benefits, high-quality capacitors and before/after sales services.
In the future, we are sure that our 30 years’ experience with best quality capacitors and best service, will meet with your requirement and satisfaction.



維持公平貿易 確保雙互得益



致力做到滿足所有顧客需求維持 長久關係確保雙方得益生產高質素電容及提供完善的售前 / 售後服務
金暉 擁有30年的豐富經驗,必能提供優質的產品和特定的產量。我們擁有優秀的技術與人材,以及不斷研發的精神, 不斷研製超小產品, 能夠滿足客戶的需要。
Company History
  1976 Established Golden Jade Company
  1988 Established China Huiyang Factory
  1976 在香港註冊成立金暉
  1988 在中國惠陽建立金暉廠房




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